Gerry Read - It'll All Be Over

  • Overcooked disco house, remixed by DJ Koze.
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  • While unfortunately not featuring anywhere near the best work of anyone involved, It'll All Be Over shows how it's actually very difficult to pull off what Gerry Read and DJ Koze ordinarily make look easy. The two artists are both known for their oddball capers in the studio. They weave unusual samples into house tracks that crackle with warmth and invention, and they love taking chances. Read, a UK artist who emerged in 2011, could be a protégé of Koze, whose club music has been freaking people out since the end of the '90s. This collaboration through Koze's Pampa label makes total sense. But the EP illustrates that being willing to push things risks pushing things too far. Case in point: "It'll All Be Over" opens with a banjo riff. There are sampled vocals (some normal, some pitched way up), honeyed keyboards, guitars, an overdriven kick drum and plenty of twinkling details. The combination of the titular vocal line and the kick works quite well, but otherwise the track feels too saccharine and overstuffed. "Satyricon" is made of similar parts. The main feature this time is an Avalanches-style vocal sample that Read frequently reverses, but again the effect is too twee, landing beyond the sweet spot Pampa usually nails. Koze, smartly, simplifies "It'll All Be Over" on his remix. The first couple minutes are nice, a sort of back-to-'90s French house moment. But in keeping with Read's originals, he later goes too far with the instrumentation, recalling the more excessive bits of Daft Punk's pop-disco comeback album, Random Access Memories. That Read's original is under four minutes and there’s a "Radio Edit" of the remix suggests the pair got caught up in the idea of scoring a hit.
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      A1 It'll All Be Over A2 Satyricon B1 It'll All Be Over (DJ Koze Remix)