Galaxian - Golden Armageddon

  • Fast, dystopian electro.
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  • For the past few years, Mark Kastner, AKA Galaxian, has been giving electro a new lease on life (and a speed boost). Many of his records pair high-octane electro with over-the-top science fiction and dystopian themes. You'll find those on Golden Armageddon's "Ride The Spiral," a pounding electro track featuring a voiceover warning about the dangers of consumer culture. There's also the nine-minute title track, which features a full-on choir, major key chord progressions and a blissful breakdown. The synthesizers occasionally go haywire, spraying over the track like a possessed garden hose. It would be dynamite in the middle of a fast, heavy set, and the odd touch of the choir makes it stand out more. The rest of the EP feels conventional in comparison, though Galaxian sets a high standard. As such, the bone-rattling snares, skittering drums and gurgling textures of "Psychic Purification" would be a standout on another artist's EP.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Golden Armaggedon B1 Ride The Spiral B2 Psychic Purification