Elektrofant - Work

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  • Hailing from the town of Stavanger, south west coast of Norway, electronic duo Elektrofant aka Knut Jonas Sellevold and Klaus Skrudland serve up Work, follow up from their "03" Flipstick EP. Simmering between breakbeats and electro pop rock, the duo's love of all things synthy produces an album full of twists, bleeps and breaks. Brought to you by 10 year old veteran Norwegian label Beatservice. Trond Anfinnsen left Elektrofant before they started working on Work. Headhunted for the new project was Knut Jonas Sellevold whom fronted up for the project breathing new life into Elektrofant. With new ideas and a fresh ear, the pair have turned the corner taking a more wholesome approach to their music with more guitars, vocals and dashes of hip hop, all done with the familiar Elektrofant sound. Work a synthy, squelch riddled breakbeat affair, kicks off with Slam Home dropping down synthy fuelled grooves backing over a house beat and snare hits that work its way into a 80's electric guitar solo taking the more pop orientated road. We Work Hard turns out a cold tune, sliding in some smooth female vocals, bringing in once again a crazy guitar solo. The dancefloor orientated track Gospel Control builds up a clean breakbeat line with sampled “we must rebuild the family” over synthy grooves, a nice up beat addition to the CD. Taking time out Old People Are Young Too, builds in plucked acoustic guitar with a drop heavy broken beat underlying the tune creating a new wave campfire tune. Supported by a plastic beat Talking Is Easy When I Talk With You incorporates soulful overtones with a cover from more stabs and jumbled up samples. Bringing down the tempo Walter Benjamin’s Aesthetics throws out a darker bass heavy euro pop bass line settling down into the next track. I Gotta Be Me is a class addition to the CD one of the more stand out tunes, with booming bass and stabbing electro beats, sampled loops of a child's voice adding in a bit of funk with some flavoured bass licks. Elektrofant's Work a mix of electro pop, synthy filled tunes which are not to dark to put on your player at tea time, a well constructed album and more quality artists out of Norway. 1. Slam home 2. We work hard 3. Gospel control 4. Old people are young too 5. Talking is easy when I talk with you 6. Walter Benjamin's aesthetics 7. I gotta be me 8. The green room 9. Whatever you do, it's alright 10. Outro