Project Pablo - Low Wings

  • Sunny house meets electro on this smooth EP.
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  • Project Pablo's output over the past five years captures house's organic, soulful and jazzy side. That's still at work on his latest EP, Low Wings, but it's not so explicit. It sees the Montreal staple expand his horizons on four tracks that brings elements of electro to melodic trips on a slightly clubbier tip than his previous releases. Low Wings' greatest strength is Project Pablo's use of instrumentation. He can make a chunky, propulsive beat, which he does on "Toes Unstepped" and the title track. But my ear is drawn to his instrumental elements. For instance, the kick on "Low Wings" flows through swirling currents of delayed keys and synthy latices that evolve and intersect, which allows micro-melodies to arise and dissolve. It's hard to keep track of all the non-percussion elements on "Wildest Way To Go," where there's a noodling lead, barely-there pads, strings, bloops and a waggling whistle, all ducking in and out of one another. But Low Wings actually feels toolier than previous Project Pablo releases, because it borrows from electro more than his earlier funk- and soul-referencing house cuts. Still, the overall good-natured mood I associate with his vision remains intact. Even the prickly arpeggio on "Without Knowing" feels good-natured, especially when it's joined by house chords.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Without Knowing A2 Toes Unstepped B1 Wildest Way To Go B2 Low Wings