Planetary Assault Systems ‎- Straight Shooting

  • Heavy-duty techno for the body and mind.
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  • As Planetary Assault Systems, Luke Slater balances hypnotism and brute force. The project's tracks, which have appeared on sought-after EPs and albums that date back to the early '90s, have become cleaner over the years, but the peak-time intensity remains. That also goes for Straight Shooting, a slick new double-pack released on clear vinyl through Mote-Evolver. Its six tracks (seven if you count the digital exclusive) are functional techno at its classiest, powerful enough for big rooms but with an intricacy that will appeal to picky DJs, too. Planetary Assault Systems tracks build up and down subtly, meaning the introduction of a hi-hat or synth pulse is usually enough to boost the energy. As such, they rarely create the "big moments" many DJs seek. Instead, they're best deployed with long transitions by those who prioritise techno's psychedelic side, used as building blocks as part of a larger whole. But that's not to say Planetary Assault Systems tunes can't light up dance floors. On Straight Shooting, it's easy to imagine several tracks causing havoc in a big room. One of those is "Give It Up," a tumbling loop with well-chosen vocal snippets that pan from side to side. The tension builds as the kick drum thuds, the track eventually overrun by paranoid synth tones until a brief breakdown releases the pressure, if only slightly. "Beam Riders" is another highlight, but its churning whirlpool of bleeps and hi-hats will prove too risky for some. The lean pulse of "Bear Bones," the EP's most functional track, is more universal, rolling with an easygoing momentum. Like the rest of Straight Shooting, it's music for sets that appeal to the body and mind.
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      A1 Beam Riders B1 Born Anchors B2 Humans Use Concrete C1 Engage Now D1 Bear Bones D2 Give It Up Digital: Screen (Rework)