Jubei - Cold Heart / Little Dubplate

  • Old-school drum & bass sounds.
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  • Exit Records has been exploring the furthest reaches of drum & bass, coaxing out novel genre fusions from the likes of Fracture and DJ Fulltono. But its latest release is almost gloriously traditional. Jubei, AKA Paul Ager, is among the genre's most dependable producers, and a staple of Metalheadz' current roster. Ager doesn't try to reinvent the wheel on his first Exit release, which, as a 12-inch on a label that usually excels at experimentation, makes it oddly refreshing. "Cold Heart" might sound familiar. It's been floating around for a few years, with a warm and tender bassline. The track is powerful yet restrained, with sampled melodies that sound as though they're speeding past your ear. "Little Dubplate" is heavier, but still sleek and fluid with hints of a vocal. Both tracks are simple and straightforward, adorned with small details that make a big impression. These tracks satisfy a craving for old-school sounds.
  • Tracklist
      01. Cold Heart 02. Little Dubplate