Bambounou - Whities 021

  • Hypnotic beat science from a master of percussion.
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  • Bambounou's first release for Whities draws from material he prepared for a 2017 live set at Freerotation. It's easy to hear the influence. The fleet-footed music of the Freerotation resident Leif came to mind when I first heard "Temple." The drums orbit the track on a woozy axis, landing unsteadily as a hypnotizing, discordant chime rings out. Unlike the straight-ahead techno Bambounou usually makes, "Temple"'s power is more diffuse. "Tour" is full of delicate drum patterns, strange synth screeches and bursts of noise, which creates a witchy, almost ritualistic atmosphere. Both of these tracks are alluring, beckoning at you with tantalizing rhythms. The steady woodblocks and synth chimes on "Seize-Sept" are closer to techno, rounding off an EP that features some of the best tunes in Bambounou's catalogue.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Temple B1 Tour B2 Seize-Sept