Fort Romeau - Heaven & Earth

  • Glistening house tracks that will brighten dance floors.
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  • As Fort Romeau, Mike Greene turns out sparkling house tunes so often that they don't always get their due. They clamour for attention not only with the work of his peers, but with each other. His latest EP, and first for Permanent Vacation, is true to form. All four tracks are made for the club, with elements that shine. The kick and throbbing bassline of "Eye Of Re" will feel momentous on the dance floor, especially as the track takes a psychedelic turn. In "Visions," it's the stuttering synth mid-track, aided by raygun effects, that shifts it into a higher gear. Filtered synth blasts on "Heaven & Earth" are like warm shafts of light. These aren't revolutionary sounds, and Greene isn't afraid to deploy popular motifs. On "Heaven & Earth," it's the cowbell loop—so simple, so effective—and the misty female vocal, which recalls the one from Greene's 2016 track "Secrets & Lies." These tracks should liven up plenty of parties.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Just A2 Eye Of Re B1 Visions B2 Heaven & Earth