90 Process - Fuse EP

  • High-energy techno that looks back to the '90s.
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  • 90 Process, the French duo behind the latest Lobster Theremin release, began a recent mix for the label with Underworld's "Born Slippy." They've released on an imprint called 1Ø PILLS MATE, and their EPs so far have included titles like A SHOT IN THE NIGHT, No Warehouse Needed and Don T Touch My Pimp. As you might have guessed, they don't make ambient. '90s techno, electro, trance, rave, acid and hardcore are the building blocks of their bonkers sound. Fuse, the follow up to last year's No Warehouse Needed, their last release for Lobster Theremin, isn't quite as madcap as their handful of 12-inches so far, but it's still strictly designed for high-intensity dance floors. It's rare to find a track in 90 Process's style that you'd consider playing from the very start, but "Give Me Dat" is just that. The combination of filtered acid lines and a snare roll before the kick drops is super simple, but it's effective enough to just hit play and let the track, a breakneck rave-techno blend with a diva vocal sample, do its thing. There are also hints of acid on "Fuse," which dispenses with arrangement flourishes to focus on its fast techno groove. "Le Phonk" and "Days Of The Sunset" are more dramatic. They both reach for an obvious bank of early '90s tropes, which "Days Of The Sunset," with its wide-eyed pads and dewy-eyed emotion, more satisfyingly nails. Fuse doesn't feature the finest pastiches of 90 Process's catalogue, but while this particular trend is still rolling they should remain a go-to act.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Give Me Dat A2 Fuse B1 Le Phonk B2 Days Of The Sunset