AceMo - All My Life

  • Published
    21 Feb 2019
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  • Released
    January 2019
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  • An exciting Brooklyn artist delivers a fun EP.
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  • Born in Connecticut and based in Brooklyn, AceMo is one of the busiest voices in New York's crowded but dynamic scene. He works closely with young artists who are adding energy to Brooklyn's house and techno scene through DIY events, conversations on social media and shows on the rising online station Half Moon Radio. You'll often find AceMo alongside Dee Diggs and MoMa Ready, two likeminded New York artists who aren't afraid to jump on the mic during sets that mix hip-hop with house. Following AceMo's time in the Swim Team collective, where he played energetic house while adding live rap bars from behind the decks, he moved to lo-fi-style sounds on a self-titled EP for the Michigan label Vanity Press. His latest EP, the self-released All My Life, follows suit. The hardest-hitting track is "Where They At???," an anthemic collaboration with John F.M. It's a good example of the vibe AceMo and his contemporaries push. Over a jubilant house beat, John F.M raps about women, equal pay, police brutality and flag burners. At one point, a bassline similar to the one from Robin. S's "Show Me Love" appears. We hear something similar on "I Love Daft Punk And You Should Too," another piece of soulful experimentation. The lengthy "Myrtle Ave Party Track" wraps smooth synths with murky distortion, finding AceMo's signature middle ground between lo-fi house and something more experimental.
  • Tracklist
      01. All My Life 02. I Love Daft Punk And You Should Too 03.Jelly Fish Jam 04. Myrtle Ave Party Track 05. Smooth Move 06. Special 07. Where They At??? feat. John FM