Adiel & Donato Dozzy - Cavallina

  • Deep, functional techno.
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  • As a resident at Rome's Goa Club and the owner of the label Danza Tribale, Adiel is an important part of the Italian techno scene. That status is beginning to be reflected in international bookings. Her sound, which you can get a sense of in her In Residence mix, plays on techno's hypnotic, tribal fringes. This makes Donato Dozzy, an Italian master of the style, a natural collaborator. Both artists play and make music that prioritises rolling, spacious grooves over raw aggression. It's hard to pick out Dozzy's contribution on "Cavallina," which sounds a lot like previous Adiel releases on Danza Tribale. In fact, late at night, you might have a hard time distinguishing it from some of the tracks on last year's Ritmo EP, which was distinctive for Adiel's heavy use of tuned percussion. It works well as a formala, creating hazy and mesmerising atmospheres, yet it's hard to think of "Cavallina" as much more than a trippy DJ tool. It's too functional to really stick in the memory, which is disappointing considering the talent behind it. Dozzy's equally club-oriented solo track "Cavallina Matta" is more exciting, thanks to the twitchy, disjointed synth line that dominates the mix over a backdrop of twisted electronic noise. Cavallina needs be heard at the right time in the right setting to be fully appreciated.
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      A1 Adiel & Donato Dozzy - Cavallina B1 Donato Dozzy - Cavallina Matta