Voiski - The Bat Who Wanted To See The Sun

  • Bright techno from a specialist of the sound.
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  • The French producer Voiski can be at once banging, frightening and euphoric. Ravey hooks and trancey chords lend his tracks a luminescence that's rarely heard in contemporary techno. Last year's beatless synth album, Disconnections, Music For Clouds, and his "post-trance" RA Sessions performance from 2017, further explored the musicality and optimism that informs his own noisy, analog techno. The Bat Who Wanted To See The Sun, his first EP for Steffi's Dolly label, is for the dance floor. "Taking Flight" is Voiski at his most bubbly. It has the feeling of a live jam, with fluttering synth and drum arrangements that dance around each other. The lo-fi "The Valley Of Nothingness" pairs the warmth of deep house with a propulsive bassline more in line with Voiski's previous productions. It's a track you'd love to hear on a big system, letting layers of noise wash over you. The sparse and anthemic "Simorgh In Persia's Sky" is the pick of the EP. A magnetic synth line combines with a huge, booming kick and saturated bass. On The Bat Who Wanted To See The Sun, Voiski once again mines the sweet spot between excitement and tension.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Taking Flight A2 The Valley Of Nothingness B1 The Parrot's Excuse B2 Simorgh In Persia's Sky