Andrea - Forse

  • Ilian Tape ends the year with another excellent EP.
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  • Andrea's second EP on Ilian Tape this year has two distinct halves. On one side, Forse works within a style that Andrea, and Ilian Tape, are well known for: energetic, break-heavy techno. The romantic, yearning emotion heard on tracks like "Outlines" or "20th November" is gone. Instead, Andrea serves up two banging tunes. "Future Atmo" is particularly suited for peak-time, with complex, artillery-like percussion that brings to mind Ilian Tape nights at their most pumping. The other half explores sounds Andrea is not normally associated with. "Leaf" is crafted with a sensitive, emotional touch and features the kind of IDM glitches and jungle-influenced beats that play such a big role Skee Mask's recent work. "Track XL" is similar, but the way the bassline booms and glides and the hi-hats rattle suggest that this is Andrea's take on a trap beat. On "TP," a glorious ambient track, he pairs dreamy pads with a hazy breakbeat that drifts in and out of earshot. Fans of Andrea's earlier work might find this half a little lightweight compared to his usually raw and heavy style. Even so, it's an interesting direction taken by a talented producer who has previously stuck to a specific sound. It's also very well executed—there are signs that the intricacy of Skee Mask's approach on Compro has rubbed off on his Ilian Tape colleagues. It ends a strong 2018 for a label that continues to develop.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Future Atmo A2 Afen B1 Leaf B2 Track XL B3 TP