Jaydee - Plastic Dreams (Remixes)

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  • Plastic Dreams by Jaydee appeared on the scene many years ago and made a massive impact. It now returns on the Mantra Breaks imprint armed with two new breaks remixes by Andrea Doria and Tayo & Acid Rockers. First up though is the Andrea Doria ‘Is It Breaks’? Remix. I guess the title may suggest that this mix isn’t entirely breaks, as the beats are quite standard, but the track in itself has the quirkiness of a broken beat production. It is quite intense from the word go, and really takes off when the main sounds from the original come into the play, combined with the added baselines of Doria’s remake. The beats actually lift up a notch with the Tayo & Acid Rockers Remix, and the beats are also a more conventional break beat style. In this remix, the focus is more on the drums then the baselines of the a-side, and it does quite sound good when the original sounds come into the production late on combined with the intense drum work. A pretty solid set of remixes without being too outstanding. However, two solid productions, with good variety make this worth a look.