Desyn Masiello - Bedrock Original Series (OS.0_1)

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  • There are not many record labels out there that strive to maintain a cutting edge throughout their existence, often resulting in the unfortunate demise of many small and sometimes very large labels. Bedrock it must be said are a label that always tries to stay on top of the game and sometimes that may or may not succeed. Ventures such as the Bedrock Black imprint were not the success that was anticipated by the label, but it seems that Bedrock are about to ‘nail it’ in their new venture, that of the Bedrock Original Series. The series will showcase the many new talents on our scene with a simple one disc mix format. It quite simply is a fantastic idea, but it is definitely an idea that a label with the reputation and strength could only pull off. Dare I say it, but sometimes it gets just a little tiresome hearing the same DJ's time and time again, when we simply know that there are some absolutely top draw DJ's that are fresh and ready to rise to their potential. One such DJ, a DJ who is given the role of kick starting this series into action, is a man by the name of Desyn Masiello. Desyn is hardly a DJ new to the scene; in fact he has been around for years playing a big role in the Mojo nights of a few years back with often partner in crime, 16B. He has also had a hand in Yoshitoshi’s ‘In House We Trust’ series, but for me it will be this album that will finally get Desyn the attention he deserves. The flow throughout the album is simply addictive. Smooth is probably the key word with its nice groove undertones, but what came as a shock to me, was the indulgence in melodic sounds as well. The mix gets off to a booming start, with the groovy base tones and tripped out synths of ‘Fake Love’ by Future Beat Alliance. The duo Danny Howells and Dick Trevor team up as Kinky Funk to deliver ‘Monodrama’, a track that continues the smooth opening vibes of this mix, an opening that intrigues with enticing sounds and smooth grooves. There is a perky shift in the mix when Rowan Blades & John Graham team up with ‘Phonky Somma’, a track that is full of summer sounds thanks to a catchy melodic piano line as well as a devastating set of emotive strings. ‘Generation X’ by Nicolas Valee again encapsulates the beautiful, somewhat uplifting theme that this mix has for the most part, using nice vocal wails amidst an array of analogue baselines and crisp drums. The classic sounds of Lady B and ‘Cruising Around Motor City’ continue to drive this fantastic mix along, and it leads into Prawler’s ‘Frisco’, a production that sees the mix step another notch into the sound and direction that Desyn is already well known for, that being the smooth chunky house sounds full of groove and energy. ‘Joyous Loop’ by Community Spirit for me is a big highlight of this mix, a stunning production full of intense drum loops, a catchy yet somewhat eerie melodic hook and subtle vocal riffs. Classic Desyn material is next with the bouncy ‘Time is Now’ by Jamie Anderson, a track that leads into the grittiest part of the mix with ‘All Night Long’ by Stylophonic, mainly due to its tough electro vibes. To conclude the mix, Desyn elects to sign off with a string of tough house productions, all with an irresistible funky edge. Firstly, the massive baselines of Sebastien Ingrosso & John Dahlback and their ‘Stockholm Disco EP’ are sure to absolutely tear club sound systems apart let alone your stereo. Secondly, the ‘Disko Powder EP’ by Andy Slate features the peak time sounds that Desyn often wreakes havoc with in his memorable live sets, and he follows this up with the conclusion of the mix, that being Harry Peat’s ‘Affrodissiac’, a production that has caused major damage in the last year or so for Desyn, convincing him to sign it up for his Alternative route label. More importantly, it closes the mix off in pure style, and show’s what a pure talent he is as an entertainer. What a great mix. I must say I had very high hopes for this mix by Desyn, as he has impressed me to no end with his live sets and his early promo mixes under his Mojo banner. But this time he shines when it matters, under the banner of one of the biggest labels, and it is finally the chance for so many people to hear what they have been missing out on in Desyn Masiello. It is a big step for him and also a big step for the Bedrock label that have set the stall almost to perfection with this first release in their Original Series.