Beta Librae - Subspecies

  • Exciting techno that draws from a range of influences.
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  • Over a handful of records for labels like Incienso and Allergy Season, Bailey Hoffman has formulated a sound that feels both innovative and nonchalant. Her stellar Sanguine Bond album had thick ambience, ground-shaking sub-bass and delicate arrangements. It's a brew that carries over into Subspecies, the New York artist's second EP for Allergy Season. No matter how dense Hoffman's tracks may be, it always feels like there's still plenty of room. On "Alert Tone," windswept hand percussion floats in the empty space like someone rolling around in a king size bed. Dubby melodies waft through the air on the unhurried "Vegas Nerve," which recalls the best tracks on Sanguine Bond. "Ephemeral," with its garage-influenced shuffle and three-note melody, is deep house decorated in abstract sounds. Subspecies also has its share of surprises, such as the deceptively slow tempo of "Vegas Nerve," or the way "Problem Solving Program" lunges and recoils like halftime footwork. There's old-school percussive techno lurking underneath the breakbeat sparks on "Red Herring," where the beats push against the rhythm like they're knocking on castle walls. Hoffman bottles a flashpoint to create the riveting, repetitive tension that makes techno so appealing.
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      01. Vegas Nerve 02. Red Herring 03. Ephemeral 04. Problem Solving Program 05. Alert Tone