Hodge - Exogenesis

  • Cosmic techno workouts with nimble rhythms.
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  • Hodge has said that each time he puts out a new release, it turns out to be the one he's felt most happy with. It could be a marker of consistent progress, but with such a diverse catalogue of productions, perhaps it's a stretch to compare one release to the next. Where 2017 saw four solo EPs from the Bristol artist, he began and now ends 2018 with an EP on Berceuse Heroique, bookending a year that also featured collaborations with Gramrcy and Ishan Sound. He also soundtracked the trailer for Believer, a Korean crime film, with "Sunlight On A Broken Column," and produced an EP for Livity Sound with Laurel Halo. Exogenesis is the hypothesis that life originated elsewhere in the universe. The extra-terrestrial title carries over from Beneath Two Moons, his EP for Berceuse Heroique earlier this year. On "Raptors" and "Xenomorph," which takes its name from the Alien franchise, percussive textures accompany rattling vocals and piercing synths. "Night Run" is a polyrhythmic workout with bright melodies and a rolling bassline, while "Bam" ambles with a hypnotic groove. Hodge has said he's focused on tension in his music, aiming to create moments that feel like "anything could happen." Exogenesis does this with infinite crescendos, feverish chord progressions and layers of thumping percussion.
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      A1 Raptors A2 Xenomorph B1 Night Run B2 Bam