DJ Clea - Fantasy

  • An exciting newcomer delivers an upbeat debut EP.
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  • From Börft to Studio Barnhus, Sweden has been an exciting place for dance music for decades. Stockholm-based "dancing queen" DJ Clea shares Studio Barnhus's penchant for euphoric, sun-soaked house music. Real name Clea Herlöfsson, she's been DJing for a few years, mostly in Sweden, specialising in floaty house and disco. Fantasy, on the Unknown To The Unknown sub-label Hot Haus, is her first record. Fantasy reflects the sound of Clea's DJ sets. On each track, she uses small details to great effect. "Crazy Cato" feels somewhere between a peak-time roller and afterhours track, the momentum of bouncing keys and propulsive hi-hats subdued by sullen pads underneath. The dubby bassline on "Fantasy" only fully comes to life when the central melody disappears and a stiff percussive sound repeats for the final minute. Bell Towers puts some of "Fantasy"'s finer details at the forefront of his remix, focusing on the squiggly drums lasers. DJ Clea's knack for big, melodic earworms makes her a solid addition to the current wave of Swedish house artists. Judging by the sound of Fantasy, it might not be long before she makes her way onto Studio Barnhus.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Fantasy A2 Fantasy (Bell Towers Remix) B1 Crazy Cato B2 Don't Ask