Falty DL - A Taste Of Acid

  • Psychedelic techno that takes in a range of influences.
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  • Drew Lustman's music often sounds like a collage of his influences. While his last couple of releases have tended to offer takes on modern house, he's also produced techno, downtempo and IDM while showing an affinity with various types of UK music, particularly broken beat and garage. By the sound of things, the "acid" in the title of his new EP is a reference to drugs rather than 303-driven house music. The psychedelic tone is achieved through busy, chaotic textures, as Lustman's diverse influences constantly shift to create three effective dance floor tracks. "Hype Acid" is frenetic techno, built around paranoid arpeggios and unexpected glitches. "A Taste Of Acid" is the highlight, a seductive peak-time tune with a catchy melody and a satisfying break that arrives at the perfect moment. With its wobbly bassline and skipping beats, "Blush Acid" is an exhilarating dubstep-techno hybrid. Lustman's style means it can sometimes feel like there's too much going on, but it's a fault that is generally overshadowed by great ideas.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Hype Acid A2 A Taste Of Acid B1 Blush Acid B2 ACID