tINI - Human Lung Chair

  • Vocal-laced house grooves from tINI's new label.
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  • tINI's new label, Part Of The Gang, grew from the tINI And The Gang summer parties held in Ibiza. Its name reflects the collaborative nature of the German DJ's vision. The label will release tINI's own music while also hosting "fellow members of the gang" and new talent from around the world. The first release, Human Lung Chair, features different types of collaboration. Mr G's "Blue Moon Dub Remix" of "The Authentic Blach" turns glimmering organ chords into a stomping, introspective cut with a moody bassline. There's also a vocal appearance from the model Steffy Argelich on "Shakesbeer." "I'm super hungover," she drawls between sections of twinkling keys and a hollow bass groove. JAW of the French band dOP provides his own heartfelt lyrics over the melancholic and jazzy "Synthia," a sharp contrast to Steffy Argelich's deadpan stream of consciousness. Human Lung Chair moves easily between a range of moods, from the vibe at a tINI And The Gang party to the downbeat aftermath.
  • Tracklist
      A1 The Authentic Blach A2 The Authentic Blach (Mr G Blue Moon Dub Remix) B1 Shakesbeer feat. Steffy Argelich B2 Synthia feat. JAW