Eris Drew & Octo Octa - Devotion

  • Two exciting artists appear on this cosmic EP.
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  • Eris Drew and Octo Octa have been on converging paths. Both, amid serious life changes, have channeled the ecstasy of classic dance music into new energies. Drew has established herself as one of the scene's top rave and old-school techno DJs, while Octo Octa has found inspiration in vintage deep house. The two now appear on a record released through Naive, the label run by the Lisbon artist Violet. Underlining what the two producers share while highlighting their differences, Devotion is a standout house record. Drew goes old-school with the approach of someone who worships rave music. "Hold Me," in its main "T4T Embrace Mix," is a loving assembly of an old Bob James break, a breathy diva vocal and a sultry riff. Everything happens at the right time, as if Drew were reconstructing one of her favourite tracks. "Trans Love Vibration (Eris Goes To Church)" is its more introspective sister, turning a Funky Drummer break meditative, reflecting the spiritual power of dance music Drew advocates. Octo Octa's half explores atmospheric breakbeat house. The "Please Take Me Away Mix" of "Beam Me Up" practically levitates, while the coarser, clubbier "To The Goddess Mix" is heavier but no less nuanced. Where Octo Octa's tracks are polished to a sheen, Drew's are scuffed and retro, like the 25-year-old records she loves to play. Devotion feels like a cosmic collaboration between two artists operating at the peak of their powers.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Eris Drew - Hold Me (T4T Embrace Mix) A2 Eris Drew - Trans Love Vibration (Eris Goes To Church) A3 Eris Drew - Hold Me (Synth-a-pella) B1 Octo Octa - Beam Me Up (To The Goddess Mix) B2 Octo Octa - Beam Me Up (Please Take Me Away Mix)