Jovonn - Goldtone Edits

  • Three veteran DJs update thumping '90s house.
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  • There's an experience familiar to just about anyone who buys early house records. You're out record shopping and you find some '90s bomb with an amazing groove. You skip through the track, liking it more with every drop of the needle. And then, a few minutes in, it all comes crashing down when a new element—a big synth or vocal, perhaps?—enters the mix, making the track much tougher to blend with newer productions. Ian Pooley, DJ Deep and Mike Huckaby, three DJs with huge collections of '90s house records, probably know this feeling more than most, which makes them prime candidates for the latest edit package from Clone. Goldtone Edits collects three tracks from Jovonn, a legendary but still under-appreciated producer. It's a perfect record for house DJs who prefer their tracks understated but effective. DJ Deep's tweak of "Show U Luv" smartly trims the trumpet-like synth melody that dominates the middle section of the original version, directing the emphasis to the flute and tumbling drums. "Pianos Of Gold," one of Jovonn's biggest tracks, gets reduced by Ian Pooley, who cuts most of the piano in favour of an organ melody and squiggling synths. It's an impressive deconstruction that will ensure this classic reaches an even wider range of DJs. Only Mike Huckaby's edit of "Be Free" chooses not to streamline the original version, leaving the vocal that would've turned many DJs away at the centre of the mix.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Pianos Of Gold (Ian Pooley Mix) B1 Show U Luv (DJ Deep Edit) B2 Be Free (Mike Huckaby Edit)