Katerina - Just When You Thought It Was Over

  • Spacey melodies meet jagged rhythms on Katerina's first Cómeme release.
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  • Matias Aguayo's Cómeme has released some of the scene's more peculiar rhythm-based electronic music. The Helsinki-based Bulgarian producer Katerina experiments with these kind of sounds. Her debut Cómeme release, Just When You Thought It Was Over, blends a range of influences and styles into a cross-section of unrefined but complex emotions. A post-industrial beat leads "Solitude Survivor" through a gothic organ line as it's assailed by scraps of noise and percussion. "Be A Child" is slower-paced EBM that fizzes above sequenced syncopations and a marimba melody. Katerina's punk sensibility, which can be heard on her Radio Cómeme show, also filters into her productions. Her fragile voice appears throughout the EP, mumbling improvised melodies and off-hand one-liners over trashed electro grooves and bubbly synths. On the closer, "Muthafukka," Katerina's proclaimed love of DJ Quik comes through in the lo-fi MC vocal snippets as a sample repeats the title with the same corny sense of humour as Fatboy Slim's "Fucking In Heaven." Woozy pads ebb and flow, swelling in and out of earshot behind a cheesy drum machine preset and pithy sine waves. The '90s hip-hop-style bassline provides some comic relief from the heavy feelings across the rest of the record.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Solitude Survivor A2 Dolphin Dreams B1 Run Roc Run B2 Be A Child B3 Muthafukka