Throwing Snow - Vulpine

  • Storming drum tracks.
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  • The title track of Throwing Snow's new EP, Vulpine, is exceptional. It has raw, sharply fluctuating beats that charge forward in layers, and there's an impressive drop in tempo, from 170 to 85 BPM. Arpeggios clatter over what could be mistaken for an entirely acoustic drum routine, if not for the minimal electronic embellishments. The tempo slows to a crawl and the spare percussion hits in slow, heavy syncopations, offering a brief respite before returning to its breathless velocity. "V" harks back to the lush expansiveness of Throwing Snow's wider catalogue. That said, there's something about its epic build-up that feels thinner, less substantial than the R&B and soul-infused bass music he's also known for. Soaring synth sequences and sweeps offer a cinematic experience that recalls a blockbuster Hans Zimmer score, but the real thrill resides in the relentless racket of "Vulpine."
  • Tracklist
      01. Vulpine 02. V