Various ‎- The Drip EP

  • Stunning rhythm tracks for adventurous DJs, approved by Matthew Herbert.
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  • The most interesting house tracks often don't feel ready for club use. But in the hands of great DJs, odd tunes can have a big payoff. Along with more conventional house, Matthew Herbert has been crafting abstract gems for 20 years, churning out tracks that make a far bigger impact than their twisted sound design would suggest. The Drip, a new compilation EP on his Accidental Jnr label, packs four rhythm tracks built with bleeps, clicks and whirrs. Free of hooks, catchy melodies and almost everything else needed for a dance floor-friendly tune, they're for adventurous DJs only. Of the four producers featured, only two (Herbert, Cosmo Sheldrake) are established. Then there's Yann Seznec and Crewdson, two artists who will be unknown to most electronic music fans. Seznec, who provides the noodling drum track "Droplets," is better known as a visual artist, with a body of work that includes installations and paintings. His contribution suggests he ought to keep going with house music. Its crunchy groove is the kind of thing that hypnotises late-hour dance floors. More warm-up than afterhours, Crewdson's "Amphibious" is the atmospheric option, while Herbert and Cosmo Sheldrake contribute their own snakecharming jams with "The Swamp" and "Splosh" respectively. It's tough to pick a favourite, so, if you dare, give them all a try during your next few sets.
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      A1 Matthew Herbert - The Swamp A2 Cosmo Sheldrake - Splosh B1 Yann Seznec - Droplets B2 Crewdson - Amphibious