Stereo Productions presents From The Box

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  • This release from Stereo Productions entitled From The Box features some of the sounds and moments that have made this label the great force it is in House music. Mixed by Pete Tha Zouk on the first CD and De Loren & Colors on the second, the two mixes really showcase the Iberican sound at its finest, with the focus on solid drum patterns and deep and dark baselines always prevailing. On the first cd, tracks such as the deep and tribal ‘In Stereo’ by Chus & Ceballos vs Tedd Patterson set the mood early, as does the very seductive ‘Iberican Sound’ by Chus & Ceballos yet again. Pete That Zouk also puts his foot forward with the deep and rumbling sounds of Shine On, a track that leads into the very tasty ‘Strings & Portents’ by D-Formation. The first cd probably ends off with the best track on the album, that being the delicious and smooth sounds of ‘Bahia Azul’ by Zebra, a track that features some seductive vocal patterns as well as smooth strings that create a great aura, also helped by the beautiful driving baseline and piano lines late on. The second disc sets a good mood early with tracks such as ‘Darkness’ by Miguel Campayo which is quite smooth and upbeat despite the title. The vocal wails and string patterns by Christian Duran in his distinctly Spanish anthem in ‘Madraselva’ again help in setting that upbeat Spanish Island vibe. The baselines become bouncy as ‘Foxy’ by Moth hit the airwaves, and the deep grooves continue into ‘Crysalis’ by Colors & Legaz. This duo also gets in the act yet again with their fantastic remix of ‘Walkman’ by Muzziak, a track that features beautiful vibes deep into the production. ‘Echoes From Doruma’ is a real highlight late in the mix, and it is supplied from the ever consistent duo of Chus & Ceballos. The chunky ‘Niamey’ from Perfect Sense closes off the mix in style with its heavy drum patterns and chunky drums. This album really does showcase what this label is all about. It is no surprise then that both discs are very solid, and it is no surprise why the sounds from Stereo are heavily supported by the likes of John Digweed in particular.