Legowelt - Omnibus Babylon EP

  • The first Legowelt EP in years captures its maker at his best.
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  • Danny Wolfers' music as Legowelt tends to fall within defined parameters, but it seems like he takes influences from right across the cosmos. When he performed an RA Session last summer, his attention fell close to home: "I live by the sea, so when I was preparing this I heard seagulls outside and [the sample] fit the music perfectly." On Omnibus Babylon, his first Legowelt EP for a couple years, he broadens his gaze, drawing from "ancient mysticism" and "myth, legend and sci-fi," themes he's returned to continually over his long career. It's great to see "Golem Memory Bank" get a release almost a year after it appeared in the RA Session. This is Wolfers at his best. It's the track here that most closely fits the mysticism description, with glassy melodies and strings interlocking with a breakbeat DJ Shadow would approve of. A four-on-the-floor pulse powers the other tracks. "Omnibus Babylon" is notable for its high-pitched vocal sample and acid madness towards the end. "Learning To Fly" is more mellow and has pads that likely inspired the track's name, while "Miskatonic Trimester" is both dreamy and relentless. It's not always clear how Wolfers' stated influences show up in these tracks, but as one of the scene's most prolific and best-loved artists, it's an approach that's definitely working for him.
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      A1 Omnibus Babylon A2 Learning To Fly B1 Miskatonic Trimester B2 Golem Memory Bank