Desroi - Dwell In Motion

  • Droning techno that moves between abstract and functional.
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  • Over the last two years, Desroi has traversed the zones between abstract electronics and dark techno. He's unleashed some real bruisers along the way, like "Apathy," which pivots on an icy industrial synth lick, and "Lodwar," a cinder block-like slab of droning murk released on the noise label Total Black. But on Dwell In Motion for Avian, Desroi doesn't set up camp between these two poles so much as collapse them in on each another. "Naïve," for instance, tucks the kind of warm, analog-rich percussion powering pre-Flood Cabaret Voltaire deep inside growling frequencies that recall power electronics. The grimy "A Glimpse Of Bliss" consists of rhythmic loops encrusted with static and cloudy reverb that could've been carved from "Lodwar." But not all five tracks are a 50-50 blend. The title track, which cruises the edges of the solar system at 132 BPM, and "Lines Of Sight," with pings of metallic acid squelch, skew towards techno. "Birth," meanwhile, leans the other way, employing faintly propulsive synth chords as it drifts to the edges of formlessness. When these tracks are consumed in a single sitting, a larger, entrancing sense of balance between techno and the abstract emerges. Sequencing plays a key role. As with many 12-inches on Avian, Dwell In Motion is less a collection of discrete tracks than a mini-album with its own narrative and flow.
  • Tracklist
      01. Naïve 02. Lines of Sight 03. Birth 04. A Glimpse of Bliss 05. Dwell in Motion