Eats Everything - Bettah

  • High-energy tech house for big rooms.
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  • Eats Everything plays some of dance music's biggest stages, bringing a style that's more energetic and unique than many DJs of his stature. That approach extends to his productions, many of which still have the upbeat mood of his 2011 breakout track, "Entrance Song." Carrying familiar chords and occasional blasts of white noise, his tunes these days might be more predictable, but the same sense of fun is there, heard in the catchy vocal samples and crafty breakdowns. That said, this is music favoured by DJs who can't afford to be too adventurous, so you won't find much depth. These tracks are about keeping feet moving, fists pumping, and not much else. Eats Everything likely knows that, which might explain why he's one of the least pretentious DJs you're likely to meet. "Bettah" and "No Seatin Available," the two tracks on his new EP for Carl Cox's Intec Digital label, feel tailor-made for his DJ sets, pairing loud claps, bleeps and old-school house vocals—"yep," a chopped diva wail—with the booming drums and basslines of modern tech house. The sound borders on big-room techno, which isn't a surprise—more and more tech house artists are dabbling in the style, including Eats Everything, who played at Awakenings earlier this year. As with most of Eats Everything's records, Bettah will get the job done. Just don't expect anyone to remember it the next day.
  • Tracklist
      01. Bettah 02. No Seatin Available