DJ Boring - For Tahn EP

  • Slick house that showcases the lo-fi hero's ear for melody.
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  • As key lo-fi house producers branch into more mature sounds, some are doing it better than others. DJ Boring, who produced the lo-fi scene's biggest hit in "Winona" (currently at 3 million views on YouTube), is one of the style's more impressive emigrants, having released a string of solid EPs on E-Beamz, Bobby Donny and Vienna, the new label he cofounded with Stanley Schmidt. (Last year's remix of "Love In Lux" also possibly makes him the only lo-fi producer played by Nicolas Lutz, whose sets include some of best electro and techno ever made.) For Tahn, his new EP for Bristol's Shall Not Fade, is his most impressive yet, highlighting the Australian producer's knack for melody across four jazzy cuts that wouldn't sound out of place in the sets of house's leading DJs. The EP works best at its most laidback. The only misstep is "Exotic Feelin'" and its overdone chords, where the arrangement is so stuffed that the lead melody borders on annoying. "Stuck In Russia" is similarly melodic, but the chords sit low in the mix, giving the lead more space to twist and turn. The other selections are slick cuts of modern house, functional yet with enough character to stand out. "For Tahn" is the pick of the EP, a charming slice of deep house hinged on a lazy groove. "Found Love" has more vidid melodies, but this time there's a hint of dub in the chords. There's a reason why DJ Boring was one of lo-fi's poster boys: he's a great producer. For Tahn suggests that his pivot towards other styles gives him more room to put those skills into practice.
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      A1 Exotic Feelin' A2 For Tahn B1 Stuck In Russia B2 Found Love