Lee Burridge & Lost Desert - Elongi

  • Tech house for daydreaming at sunset.
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  • Lee Burridge's All Day I Dream series has become a global behemoth. With his lazy-afternoon-under-the-sun parties, he has created not only a brand but an entire subgenre of tech house, focused on wistful melodies and understated grooves. Burridge's records, and the wider All Day I Dream label, are ground zero for this sound. Look no further than 2016's smash "Lingala," which is ten minutes of tech house wrapped in velvet—mallet percussion, strummed guitar and vocals from the Broadway singer Junior Akwety. For some it might border on corny, but there's no denying the appeal of Akwety's voice or the way the track slowly builds layers of lush instrumentation. Elongi sees Burridge and his frequent collaborator Lost Desert reunite with Akwety for a second round. "Elongi" is the clear successor to "Lingala." It's everything from the previous track just finessed a bit more, almost to a fault. This time, the lilting vocal melody and larger-than-life guitars push it towards Buddha Bar, anonymously exotic without the smouldering appeal of "Lingala." Things are more restrained on "Mona Yo," where Akwety chants around an infectious disco bassline, creating a more uplifting kind of energy. The warm and fuzzy feel of "Float On" exemplifies the feeling that draws people to All Day I Dream. Its gradual build and contemplative chords say a lot with a little, so you can fill in the blanks while daydreaming and soaking in the scene around you.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Elongi feat. Junior B1 Mona Yo feat. Junior B2 Float On