Various - Tour Diaries

  • A batch of "secret weapons" road-tested by a killer DJ crew.
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  • These days, everything around us, from major league baseball to the next YouTube video, is driven by data. But haven't DJs been involved in this pursuit since the craft's inception? Most dance music that makes it to wax gets a run in the club first—if people dance, it works, if they stand around looking confused, maybe leave that one alone. This is the concept behind the new Honey Soundsystem 12-inch, Tour Diaries. These are "secret weapons" that Honey have gathered over the past few years as they have criss-crossed the world. As an added bonus, the EP functions as a memento, with music coming from friends they've met on tour and at home in San Francisco. A few days after Honey's tenth anniversary, Jackie House said: "I realized I've done everything for San Francisco." Fittingly, Tour Diaries leads off with Bay Area producer Sepehr, who has released Detroit-inflected tracks on Monty Luke's Black Catalogue. "I Just" follows along that path, a moody, peak-time banger with a tinge of darkness. For proof that it works, check Jason Kendig riding it for three minutes in Honey's London Boiler Room set. Jackie describes Henrik Bergqvist's "Trippin'" as a tune he got his "hands on after a crazy night of MDMA and accidentally voguing on top of Henrik's computer bag." Like Bergqvist's best for Aniara Recordings, it's a workhorse house track, this time with a cheeky Derrick Carter sample. After some dreamy electro from Berlin (Morven Son's "Looking Back"), Tour Diaries ends on a high note with "Loom" from Lunate, a producer Honey met at Video Club in Bogata. The playful, laidback "Loom (Alternative Version)," will appeal to fans of Regelbau, closing out a diverse EP that takes us around the world with a leading DJ crew.
  • Tracklist
      01. Sepehr - I Just 02. Bergqvist - Trippin' 03. Morven Son - Looking Back 04. Lunate - Loom (Alternative Version)