Farrago - Risin'

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  • Amelie Lens's rise as a DJ and producer has been stratospheric. The Belgian artist put out a handful of releases in 2017 that caught attention with dark and thumping acidic techno. One of those releases was with a producer called Farrago, who made his debut under that alias with their collaborative EP Weight Of The Land. Lens and Farrago have continued to make music together, which sparked the idea for Lens to create her own label for it. Lenske aims to give a platform to rising artists. The first release comes from Farrago, and features a track coproduced with Amelie Lens and a remix from Kobosil. Farrago is similar to Lens when it comes to groove and percussion, letting hefty, bouncing kicks lead the way. LENSKE001 is a strong statement for the label's debut, ranging from the pounding kicks of Kobosil's "Risin'" remix to the wide-eyed techno of "Hidden Power." The EP's intensity matches the endurance and stamina of Lens's DJ sets and naturally fits into the music she plays. Where Kobosil's remix and "Hidden Power" are pure adrenaline trips with ferocious kick drums, "The Riddler" and Farrago's collaboration track with Lens, "Jealousy," offer something different. On both tracks, crisp drum machine claps pirouette and clatter until they're so fast that the pattern collapses, giving way to a bouncing groove. This trick is one of the most noticeable motifs in Lens's music, often pushed through a layer of effects. "The Riddler" shows Farrago's melodic sensibilities most clearly, with a glistening synth arpeggio lingering in the middle of the track.
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      A1 The Riddler A2 Risin' (Kobosil Apathy Remix) B1 Jealousy feat. Amelie Lens B2 Hidden Power