Delta Funktionen ‎- Space Race

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  • Once a close-knit stable for the only hardest strains of techno, Mord's universe is expanding. The sound is still tough and gritty, but EPs now come from far and wide, with Japan's Takaaki Itoh and the UK's Rebekah among the recent contributors. Delta Funktionen, a Dutch producer who started his career making sleek club tools, enters the Mordverse with Space Race, an EP of gritty electro and techno that coats his pumping grooves in a layer of sludge. It's the latest in a series of rough and ready records from Delta Funktionen, who long ago said goodbye to the hi-fi sheen of his early releases. If "Hacking The Cosmos" isn't the funkiest track on Mord, it comes close. The tune is sparse, which puts most of the attention on the hammering kick drum. It dances in jagged patterns like a '90s electro bomb, occasionally joined by washes of bright synth. The other tracks are even grimier. "Satellite Galaxies" pairs another broken beat with tape hiss, fizz and crackle, while the pounding "Machine" is the EP's heaviest track. All are so distorted that it's hard to imagine them working in a DJ set, but that's classic Mord, a label that manages to make nosebleed beats feel funky.
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      A1 Satellite Galaxies A2 Infiltrate B1 Engines On B2 Hacking The Cosmos