Shed - No Repress But Warehouse Find EP

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  • Three of the six tracks on No Repress But Warehouse Find, the first Shed EP in three years, stick close to René Pawlowitz's usual beat. On "Lumber Fix TT." the drums and pads, so redolent of his nostalgic '90s techno, may as well be marked with a ™. "SP Tool V1tk3.," a four-on-the-floor roller that echoes his EQD material, is straightforward dance floor fare. "Fluid 77 EFX130+FAN" is a brief shot of arpy, textured ambient techno. Unfortunately, none of them quite scratch the itch. "Lumber Fix TT.," for example, lacks the ingredient that can make Pawlowitz's best tunes so irresistible, and the muddy vocal fails to liven things up. Pawlowitz's recent EPs have been spotty in similar ways, but he's lately shown some good form: Equalized #008 was one of the tightest 12-inches he's put out in a while (the A-side's swung, breaky techno was especially strong). The rest of No Repress But Warehouse Find finds Pawlowitz changing tack. Of the three tracks, "Acid Drift (Track 08)"'s highly strung acid pulse and frantic click-clack percussion is the biggest surprise. The best of them, though, is the beatless "Probe," with its faint Balearic sensibilities and strong melodic thrust. If the title is any indication, the EP could be a grab bag of tracks from the archives. No Repress But Warehouse Find would be a rock-solid collection of tracks from most producers, but it's far from killer Shed.
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      A1 Lumber Fix TT. A2 Fluid 77 EFX130+FAN A3 Acid Drift (Track 08) B1 Probe B2 SP Tool V1tk3. B3 130 Go Sweep