Kyle Bobby Dunn / Wayne Robert Thomas - KBD / WRT

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  • Through low-key but epic releases like Infinite Sadness and Bring Me The Head Of Kyle Bobby Dunn, the Canadian artist Kyle Bobby Dunn has established his own style of ambient guitar music. "The Searchers," a new 20-minute composition released on a split with fellow ambient guitar maestro Wayne Robert Thomas, shows he has plenty left to explore. It's named after a 1956 Western film and inspired by the "imposing expansiveness of the American West." Dunn seems to celebrate this idea. His track is all ecstatic drone, with guitar notes that jostle, collide and gel together in slow-motion. Each strand of melody shifts and morphs, as if it's too excited to sit still. It's among Dunn's simpler compositions but it has plenty of detail. Wayne Robert Thomas's "Voyevoda" is dynamic with more discernible tones. At some points you can hear the lower string reverberating in the bass spectrum, while at others the higher sounds take it to an uplifting place. Like Dunn's contribution, "Voyevoda" is a study in sustain and decay, though this one has a more definable resembling structure. Where "The Searchers" preferred small movements, "Voyevoda" rises and falls. Both tracks offer a complementary approach to a type of music that feels universal in its emotional potency but mysterious in what it leaves unsaid.
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      A KBD - The Searchers B WRT - Voyevoda