DJ Zozi & Roza Terenzi - Planet Euphorique

  • Two breakout producers collaborate for an EP that takes in acid, jungle and more.
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  • Katie Campbell, AKA Roza Terenzi, has rushed onto the scene. This is the Australian producer's third release in two months, following her debut barely six months ago. Her records mine the sound palette of '90s house and techno with satisfying vigour, rarely sounding derivative. She has also established a relationship with the Vancouver scene, playing there last year while being remixed by Jayda G and Sophie Sweetland, who's better known as D. Tiffany. For the launch of Sweetland's new label, Terenzi steps into the role of collaborator, balancing Sweetland's knack for atmospherics with muscular rhythms and a hyperactive attention to detail. Sweetland appears here under her junglist DJ Zozi alias, so the record is suitably splattered with breakbeats and pads that drift like clouds. "World Off" is a catchy opener, its beat like scratched metal under a synth lead that sounds like someone slipped "Show Me Love" a sedative. "Half Moon Bay" and "Strobe Fountain" are both more fidgety, dense with percussive detail and slo-mo basslines—the first is loose-limbed with a mutating acid line, the second is pneumatic and spare. Like on Sweetland's first EP as DJ Zozi, the last track is both the funnest and the most obvious throwback. It's a ramshackle take on spacey jungle, full of rhythmic switch-ups, where the "Badman" vocal snippet is more dream than dread.
  • Tracklist
      A1 World Off A2 Half Moon Bay B1 Strobe Fountain B2 G Step