Moodymann ‎- Pitch Black City Reunion

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  • If you're anything like me, you prefer your Moodymann tunes fat and sluggish. "Got Me Coming Back Rite Now," the B-side of his latest 12-inch, goes easy on melody, putting more attention on the chugging low-end and tweaked vocals. At around 100 BPM, it's a slo-mo house track, but its groove generates plenty of power. There's a hint of romance in its strings and the heavily chopped vocal—supplied by Amp Fiddler—which unfurl over a blunt beat lifted from "Moonlight Lovin'" by Isaac Hayes. The strings swell as Moodymann mumbles in the background, bringing the energy up and down. As with most Moodymann productions, "Got Me Coming Back Rite Now"'s structure is craftier than its easygoing mood suggests, as simple tweaks—like, say, the clap that comes and goes with the strings—liven the flow. Perfect for a sunny afternoon at Club Der Visionaere, this is Moodymann at his lazy best. "Pitch Black City Reunion," which is more upbeat, makes me want to light a cigar. Recorded live in Detroit, there are keys, saxophone, bass guitar and crowd noise, combining for eight minutes of smooth, jazzy house. This one doesn't have the low-end grunt of the B-side, so it's not the kind of production you bring to a club. Instead, listen at home after a long day at work and get lost in its lounge chair charm. There's a new Moodymann album on the way, so expect more tunes like this when it arrives.
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      A Pitch Black City Reunion B Got Me Coming Back Rite Now