Gila - Shed Skin Pt. 33

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  • Denver's Kyle Reid has spent the last few years in search of a sound. He produced for the hip-hop group Gorgeous Children, then went solo, as Gila, to release trap bangers on labels like XL Recordings and Deviation. It's taken Reid starting his own label, Hunnaban Inc., to find, and refine, what makes his music special. Shed Skin Pt. 33 sidles away from obvious club-trap tropes and looks to a world of monstrous drumming, lifelike sampling and pressure-cooker atmospheres, all deployed with slow tempos and sparse arrangements that make every element count. Reid lumbers into techno on "106 Slipper," which has a hulking four-on-the-floor beat and an LFO wobble. It's strikingly multidimensional, which is the best feature of Reid's tracks. Each sound feels full and detailed, as if it were designed with 3D rendering software. There are trap breakdowns and moments of silence, all at 106 BPM. "Trench Cadence" and its palpitating hand percussion is more in line with Reid's past work. The drums have clashing volumes and textures, with a slow tempo that feels ominous. By using a combination of quiet and loud, Reid makes tracks that quake with power.
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      A 106 Slipper B Trench Cadence