Rebekah - My Heart Bleeds Black

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  • 2017 was Rebekah's year. The Birmingham native had been a formidable DJ for decades, and she became one of the best hard techno acts around by arming herself with an explosive hybrid setup. Rebekah also asserted herself as an expressive and versatile producer, as heard on Fear Paralysis, her debut album. It was written during a period of crippling self-doubt, although the music represents some of her strongest to date. "It captured a moment," she said, referring to when her fears about the future flooded in. Following that album, Rebekah sounds more confident than than ever. With this double EP for Mord as an opening gambit, 2018 is looking also good. Across nearly as many tracks as Fear Paralysis, My Heart Bleeds Black homes in on the contemporary industrial sound of Bas Mooy's label, which suits Rebekah well. Pummelling warehouse kicks are combined with more delicate metallic inflections, as in the standout "Halo Effect" and the high-pitched squeaking and neurotic alarms of "Disorder." The electrified "End Of Trauma" could give Orphx a run for their money. There's a sense of danger about My Heart Bleeds Black—the volatile energy of Rebekah's DJ sets hasn't quite transferred onto a record until now. The tracks are wild and unpredictable, with some shaken to the point of exploding (especially the excellent drum tool "Empirical Cycle"). Then there's "Waiting For You," a demonic take on the big-room techno Rebekah has written in the past, but never with this much success. It might have been a long road to reach this point, but today Rebekah is at the top of her game.
  • Tracklist
      A1 My Heart Bleeds Black A2 Halo Effect B1 Riot Control B2 Disorder C1 Empirical Cycle C2 Unwanted D1 End Of Trauma D2 Waiting For You D3 Opus Devotion