Oscar De Rivera - 21 Seconds

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  • The next release on Iberican Records follows that from Larry with an outing from Oscar De Rivera in 21 Seconds. The Original Mix is very indicative of the classic Spanish sound that comes from this label. Nice somewhat tribal drums flow delicately surrounded by rumbling baselines and quirky melodic hooks that remain quite subtle and intertwined closely with the loops. The track builds nicely and hits its peak towards the end when a nice bouncy melody comes into the arrangement, as well as an increase in the strength of the baseline. On the flip is the Roombah Mix, and on the whole this mix is a little smoother then the a-side. Nice groove baselines keep the track rolling along nicely, as well as some intricate percussion and minimal effects and sounds. Pretty solid again from Iberican Records, but again there is something just lacking making it a stronger and more memorable release.