Deepgroove - We Came Here To Dance / The White Isle

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  • I really don’t need to mention the great form Cuba Recordings have been displaying, and it is with this good form that the label hits its 10th release with a couple of tracks from the duo of Grayson Shipley and Lee Pattison that make up Deepgroove. The first of these tracks is We Came Here To Dance. This is some killer funky electro stuff, with rippling electro melodies meetings deep rumbling grooves as well as some clattering beats. Funky at one spectrum yet chunky at the other end, this track is sure to do the business on the dancefloors in a similar vein that Dave Robertson's release on Cuba a little while ago did. On the flip is The White Isle (feat. Amie Karlsonn). The beats are again smooth, but in this instance the baselines are very deep and chunky, as the rumble their way through this production. While the low end sounds do their work, some fantastic string patterns provided by Amie give the track quite a great summer vibe. These two tracks combined with various DJ tools make this quite a good release for the label, and definitely a worthy release for the label to enter double figures with.
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