Agrippa - Mygraine Urgraine / Harbour Run

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  • Somewhere amid "Mygraine Urgraine"'s dense polyrhythms, you'll hear a guy grunting "fuck that." It's delivered with a sneering authority, surrounded by music that makes an immediate impression. The reverb-rich percussion, immersive sub-bass and purring synths put you on high alert. It's the sort of drum-loaded grime and techno hybrid already mastered by producers like Beneath, but Agrippa, an English producer with a handful of other tunes floating around on radio mixes and Bandcamp, applies his own stylish touch. Were it not so busted, the MIDI horn riff might have sounded like some bright UK funky banger. Instead, we get something sour and shifty. "Harbour Run," my favourite here, is more agile, and seems cut from the same cloth as Versions' last EP, the outstanding Mido / Darunia by Yak. Again, the wafting MIDI melody has gloomy shades of UK funky, but the thick bass and quick hand drum combos do most of the important work. The percussion, despite the substantial low-end, has a zip and snap that makes "Harbour Run" an ideal drum track for techno or grime DJs who want to cross smoothly into each other's lanes.
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      A Mygraine Urgraine B Harbour Run