Anetha / Cadency - Acid Science

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  • Hector Oaks' style of techno is dark and functional, as heard on his breakout set of EPs for Key Vinyl. Until now, his OAKS label has been a self-serving platform. Acid Science, its seventh release, is its first split EP, and features the rising Parisian talent Anetha and Oaks' first outing on the label as Cadency. As the title suggests, acid percolates throughout. Anetha's "Return Ticket" is the strongest of the acid fare. Possibly a follow-up to her previous "Acid Train" for Anagram, it chugs along on a rubbery bass beat with synth flashes, angry crashes and burbling acid storm clouds. "In Your Mind" is Oaks' nastiest contribution, a textural drum tool with crunchy claps and squiggly acid crescendos that help break up the metronomic vocal at the heart of the track. Tough and rousing, "Unbroken" is the better of the two Oaks works, wielding a powerful melodic hook that seems custom-made for use at Berghain on Sundays. "Disinhibition" is Anetha's on-trend weapon, with a whispery trance vocal, pounding heartbeat and '90s undertow. Anetha and Oaks have shown more creativity elsewhere, but Acid Science serves as a solid introduction to them both.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Anetha - Disinhibition A2 Anetha - Return Ticket B1 Cadency - In Your Mind B2 Cadency - Unbroken