Englesia - ANGELISE: first metamorphosis

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  • The DJ, producer and vocalist Englesia is one of the founding members of UNITI, a London-based platform for women, non-binary and LGBTQ+ artists working within experimental club music. Englesia, Ganx and Terribilis launched UNITI in 2016 as an event series promoting inclusivity and safe space clubbing. Lately the collective have focused their efforts on commissioning and disseminating music through their digital channels, offering artists technical and financial support, and releasing everything for free. Their first project was the 11-track compilation Reclaiming The Void, featuring music from artists like Petit Singe, Lyzza and Born In Flamez responding to the theme of "reclaiming ownership of darkness, sadness and the void." The monthly singles series MXNIFESTO followed, inaugurated by Englesia's own nervy, tempo-shifting ballad "Under My Skin." ANGELISE: first metamorphosis is their debut EP. Englesia's productions are simple but effective. Drums and other tools are used sparingly, allowing the vocals to take the spotlight. On the opener, "Dominate Me," Englesia coos in a cutesy helium-high voice over a tough digital drum kick and an ear-worm melody. Englesia adopts a more empowered and sensual tone elsewhere, as on "What You Gonna," which is presented as a "Stripped" mix alongside the more layered, nuanced original with Rulez. The edgy rap track "Fake" is another standout, featuring contributions from the rapper Countess Malaise and the multi-talented Lyzza, both based in Amsterdam. Cold synth notes and rattling percussion add to its creeping sense of unease, while ominous moods and potent black metal atmospherics make the instrumental "Wasted" just as good as the vocal fare.
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      01. Dominate Me 02. What You Gonna feat. Rulez 03. Wasted (Fleshless Version) 04. Fake feat. LYZZA & Countess Malaise 05. What You Gonna (Stripped)