Wagon Christ - Sorry I Make You Lush

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  • As one of the many alter-egos of Luke Vibert, under the guise of Wagon Christ he has recorded and released singles, albums and remixes for many record labels encompassing a who's who of independent electronica labels. After the successful release of his Musipal album on Ninjatune back in 2001, Wagon Christ returns to the Ninjatune dojo to deliver his latest release, Sorry I Make You Lush. Luke's eclectic taste in music sees him embrace all forms of electronic music including and not limiting himself to hip hop, breakbeat and drum'n'bass (with drum'n'bass usually done under his Plug moniker). Saddic Gladdic takes on quirky synth melodies that sound like they've been lifted from a 80s era British children's show and combining that with funky percussive beats and jazzy piano. Luke gives hip hop a little wobble on The Funnies, dropping a bumpin' bassline with bouncy sound effects and whistles on top of a familiar funk break. Shadows goes down the path of Bjork-esque, female-vocal led beats, with a quirky synth solo introducing the track. Lush synths and crisp breakbeats with clever use of reverse effects. Quadra Y Discos takes hip hop through a sci-fi adventure with it's b-grade sci-fi movie samples, jazzy keyboard riffs and a classic hip hop sample. This is even further made evident on Sci Fi Staircase which uses a Moog melody that feels like it's been borrowed from a 60s sci-fi classic. Vibert then completes the recipe with syncopated breakbeats, an acid-infused bassline. The title track takes Apache influenced breaks and combines that with hard crashing drums, laser shots and what sounds like dialogue lifted from a children's cartoon. Add to that a monster bassline, a cheesy synth loop and a manic electro breakdown to make one twisted breaks tune. To finish off the album, Vibert goes on another uptempo ride on Nighty Night combining melodic bass and lush strings with talented synth work including a couple of solos. As a bonus, he includes a video track of Reciever, which should automatically play when the CD is inserted into a CD-ROM drive. Futuristic animation depicting cyborgs in a bleak industrial future are accompanied by the sounds of James Bond horns, classic rave samples and female vocal samples on top of jazzy breaks. Sorry I Make You Lush shows Vibert in true form, combining kitsch melodies, a quirky sense of humour (something that's prevalent in many Ninjatune releases) all held together by phat breaks. Those who love weird and quirky beats stylings, and of course fans of Luke Vibert's releases will certainly find a place for this in their collections.