Cesare vs Disorder ‎- Ararapira Jazz

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  • Minimal has gone through many phases over the years, and Vakant has dabbled in just about all of them. The Berlin label taps Spacetravel, a key producer pushing the style's move into cosmic terrain, for a remix on its latest EP, Cesare vs Disorder's Ararapira Jazz. Spacetravel turns the title track into an ultra-deep groover, little more than a thumping kick, sporadic electroid synth squiggles and frantic claps and hi-hats. The beat is tough, so it feels like the kind of tune best deployed in a party's final stages, when anything more complicated than a straight 4/4 pattern is tough to compute. The EP's original three tracks push more familiar minimal sounds. Thanks to a deep, rhythmic bassline, "Ararapira Jazz" is the pick of the bunch. Bright but subtle, its main melody is a mix of light chords and sparkling notes, building up and down as the bassline dances underneath. Ricardo Villalobos's influence is heard in the rhythm and vocals of "Desorientado," while "Dinner With Bogdan" lays down more cheery synths over another hyperactive bassline. Ararapira Jazz is a great summer record, so let's hope it stays in DJ bags until then.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Dinner With Bogdan A2 Ararapira Jazz B1 Ararapira Jazz (Spacetravel Remix) B2 Desorientado feat. Sabino