Pangaea - Bone Sucka / Proxy

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  • You don't have to look very far to find old-school breaks in house and techno these days. They appear right at the beginning of Kevin McAuley's new track "Bone Sucka," and there's something almost comical about them. They stay back in the distance and waddle across the stereo spectrum, from left to right and back again. Before you figure out what's going on they slam into full-force, creating the pulverizing banger you never expected. An impish mood heightened by vocal gasps and bleepy noises makes "Bone Sucka" a classic Hessle Audio track, balancing hijinks with brute force like Joe's "Tail Lift" and Pev & Kowton's "Raw Code." "Proxy" comes off straight-laced in comparison, though its bounding techno beat is still lighthearted. This one centers around a saloon-style piano riff, whose bright and brittle timbre offers a whiff of humour. McAuley is the most techno-aligned of the Hessle Audio trio, but his music can still make you crack a smile.
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      A Bone Sucka B Proxy