P. Adrix - Álbum Desconhecido

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  • Lisbon's post-kuduro batida community has churned out young producers since it first gained international recognition around 2013. But as with any newly popular scene, it can eventually become challenging telling artists apart. Enter P. Adrix. At a time when many immigrants are going the opposite direction, the Lisbon-native moved to Manchester three years ago at the tender age of 19. There's no telling what the move did to Adrix's music, which definitely has its own flavor. It has the sparseness of his Príncipe contemporaries, albeit with different relationship with bass, reflecting a love of hip-hop or perhaps the soundsystem culture so foundational in the UK. It's booming and elastic in the brief trap breakdown in "Zelda Shyt" and the mantric bounce of "Abertura Da Roda," which isn't far from Jersey club. It's a good foundation for earworm flourishes like the woody clicks in "Estação De Queluz," the flutey synths and heavy breathing accents of "Viva La Raça" and the sinuous tarraxo groove of "Sonhos." Like most post-kuduro batida, Álbum Desconhecido is fun and frantic with an oblong funk that outsiders will have a hard time replicating. For Adrix, the way his music rubs against other styles feels most exciting.
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      01. Zelda Shyt 02. Bola de Cristal 03. 6.6.6 04. Estação De Queluz 05. Ovni 06. Abertura Da Roda 07. Sonhos 08. Tejo 09. Viva La Raça 10. Tornado (Digital Bonus Track)