Lost Trax - The Saturnian System / The Sequel

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  • Delsin has a knack for releasing records from the past that sound like the present. These records tend to come from underrated figures, and the anonymous collective Lost Trax fits Delsin's intergalactic sound. The Saturnian System / The Sequel collects music that appeared on releases from 2006 and 2010, compiling four tracks that push the collective's signature aesthetic. There's a desolate sadness to the EP, where even the basslines on "The Sequel" and "Self Destruct Sequence" frown between tear-jerking chords. The Saturnian System / The Sequel showcases the group's self-described "emotional music, straight from the heart" with panoramic techno that dives into the deepest depths of acid and electro. Drum machine hits crunch and snap into loud, rolling waves, foregrounding the subtle warmth of idyllic pads and intricate 303 sequences. Following the afterhours groove of the Reflections EP on Emotions Electric, this is a lovely retrospective of Lost Trax's earliest releases.
  • Tracklist
      A1 The Saturnian System A2 The Sequel B1 Self Destruct Sequence B2 Birth